About Society

Muslim Education And Career Promotion Society

Muslim Education and Career Promotion Society–MECAPS was created as a non-profit voluntary organization by a group of civic-minded individuals who felt the moral obligation of reaching the underprivileged Muslim community and mobilize them towards education and encourage on their educational achievements and feats. The MECAPS team comprises of Educationists, Development and Corporate Professionals, Media personnel, Activists, PhDs, MBAs, CAs, Civil Servants, Bankers, Consultants, who all bring their experiences and perspectives to the organization and are unified by the common vision of improving the future of Muslim children.

This organisation registered on 5th December 1985 with the Registrar of Firms and societies, Govt. of Madhya-Pradesh. The concept of MECAPS originated from a basic concern for the muslim youth with regard to very low of educational standards and lack of will & desire to participate actively in the competition now prevailing in every walk of life. It aimed at arousing among Muslim Youth rightful aspiration based on capabilities developed by meaningful efforts, respect for quality and earnestness of purpose.

Managing Committee

Our Members

  • Mr.Ahmed Mustafa Siddiqui
  • Mr. Prof. Zaki- Ur -Rehman
  • Mr. Mohammad Sohail Khan
  • Qazi Mohd. Iqbal Sb
  • Mr. Mohammad Shakeel Khan
  • Mr. Syed Fareed Uddin
  • Mr. Amir Ahmed Durrani
  • Mr. Shadab Rehman
  • Mrs. Shabnam Khan
  • Mr. Fareed Qayyumi

Our Invitees

Mr. Saeed Mohd Khan

Mr. Amir Durrani

Mr. Sayed Junaid Ali